Why Donate? 

By choosing to donate sperm you are helping to provide an option for all sorts of people to have children.  Couples with infertility problems.  Single parents by choice.  LGBTQ+ couples and individuals.  Lots of different people, with different circumstances, but a shared desire.  They all want to build a family.  They want to hold and love and inspire and nurture a child of their own.  Your donation helps us in doing our best to help make that happen.


When donor sperm is acquired from a sperm bank, the recipients have peace of mind knowing that the donor has gone through a thorough application, screening, and testing processes and they do not have to worry about parentage and custody issues that can occur when using a known donor



Benefits of Donating:



  1. Your donations help people create families who could not do so otherwise
  2. Physicals and infectious disease testing at no cost to you
  3. Compensation for time after you are accepted into the program