Our pool is only open to the

strongest swimmers.

Less than 1% of men who apply are accepted as Cryobio sperm donors. So, yeah, it’s a pretty exclusive club.  The FDA regulates the screening and testing that is performed on sperm donors to greatly reduce the risk of communicable diseases being passed to recipients and the resulting child.  Cryobio also follows the recommendations of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the main professional organization for fertility practitioners.

Our sperm donors are paid for their time once accepted into the program.  Potential sperm donor screening and testing includes the following: 

  1.  Semen analysis:

    The first step in becoming a donor is broken down into two appointments.  During each appointment, you will be responsible for providing a semen sample in a private collection room at the location you choose to donate at.  At the first appointment, you will complete a brief health history.  You will be asked to return a completed donor history form at your second appointment.  Once accepted into the program, you may be asked to provide updates to your health and personal history.

  2.  Three generation health history:

    If your semen samples pass our freeze thaw criteria testing, you will be required to complete a three-generation family health history going back to your grandparents on both sides

  3.  Physical examination:

    You will undergo a complete physical performed by our physician.  The cost of the physical will be covered by Cryobio and will be of no cost to you.  Once accepted into the donor program, you will be asked to undergo additional physicals performed by our physician every 6 months.  Again this will be of no cost to you.

  4.  Screening and testing for communicable and genetic disease:

    You will be asked to leave a blood and urine sample to be tested for both genetic and infectious diseases.  All infectious disease testing must be negative for you to be able to participate in the donor program.  Once accepted into the program, there will be monthly blood draws.  You will be asked to leave a urine sample once every three months.

  5.  Interview with our genetic counselor:

    We will provide you with a phone interview with our genetic counselor to go over your personal and family health histories.  This interview will be of no cost to you.

  6.  Commitment from you: 

    Once you have completed all consultation appointments and if you have acceptable test results, you will then be accepted into the donor program.   You will be responsible for collecting samples at one of our three locations, 2 to 3 times per week for at least a 9 month period.

  7. Compensation:

    You will be compensated for your time once accepted into the sperm donor program.


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