About Donating


Requirements for Acceptance

  • Between the ages of 18-40
  • Acceptable semen sample that passes our freeze-thaw testing criteria
  • Three generation health history
  • Genetic and infectious disease screening and testing
  • Physical with our physician
  • Interview with our genetic counselor

Time Commitment

  • Minimum 9 months total
  • 2-3 donations per week after acceptance into program

Requirements while participating

  • 2-3 donations per week
  • Blood tests every month
  • Urine tests every three months
  • Physicals every 6 months
  • Periodic updates on your health and personal history


  • Compensation for time after you are accepted into the program
  • Your donations help people create families who could not do so otherwise
  • Physicals and infectious disease testing at no cost to you


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