All donors sign a consent form upon acceptance into the program, which waives any rights or responsibility to children born to patients who use their sperm. Patient data, established pregnancies, miscarriages, birth information or any other tangible information concerning patients is never released to a donor unless by mutual consent of the donor and offspring.


Any information released about an anonymous donor is non- identifying. The donor profile is a physical description of the donor and is created by Cryobiology staff. It also includes a short summary of the donor’s personality and interests. Additionally, we offer a copy of the donor’s medical health history. This three- generation family health history is completed by the donor upon acceptance into the donor program and is updated periodically while he continues to participate. The In Your Own Words essay offered for each donor is photocopied (includes the donor’s handwriting) so that written expressions can be evaluated in addition to the medical information.


Some donors choose to allow additional information such as baby photos, audio interviews, and silhouettes to provide more non-identifying information about themselves. Donors are not required to participate in release of this information. Some donors are more open about their donation and agree to release current photos of themselves and also possibly be contacted when offspring reach 18 years of age.



We are committed to protecting your privacy at Cryobiology, Inc. and all satellite companies.  We will not collect any personal information from you that you do not volunteer, and we are the sole owner of all information collected on this site.  We do not sell, share , or rent this information to others in any way.