How Often to Donate

Donors need to have at least 2 days of abstinence but no more than 5 days. If their sample is sufficient, they can theoretically collect MWF. However, most donors collect twice if not only once per week. How often a donor collects is dependent on their schedule and their sample.

Medical Screenings

While collecting, a part of the requirements for being a donor is to have monthly blood draws, quarterly urine analyses, and physicals every 6 months. The cost of these is covered by the lab and the physical must be done by one of our approved physicians. During the course of your time in the program, we ask that donors update us on any changes in lifestyle, personal, or family health.

Minimum Number of Donations

We ask our donors to make a minimum 9 month commitment as a participant in the program. During this time they are routinely screened for infectious and genetic diseases. Once accepted into the program, donors are compensated for their time required to collect each sample. Additional monetary bonuses are possible (referrals, providing photographs, etc.)