Become a Donor

Steps to becoming a donor

Step 1. Initial testing appointments

  • Call to schedule Monday-Friday 8-2:30, bring a photo ID
  • Visit One
    • brief health history
    • semen sample
  • Visit Two
    • Semen sample
    • Return a completed donor health history form

Step 2. Provide a three-generation health history

  • If your semen samples pass our freeze thaw criteria testing, you will be required to complete a three-generation family health history going back to your grandparents on both sides

Step 3. Potential Donor Appointments

The next series of appointments include:

  • Interview with our genetic counselor
    • phone interview with our genetic counselor to go over your personal and family health histories
  • Blood and urine testing
    • Your blood and urine is taken at the lab
    • It is tested for genetic and infectious diseases
    • All infectious disease testing must be negative to participate in the program
  • Physical
    • You will undergo a complete physical performed by our physician

Step 4. Final Acceptance into donor program

  • If you complete all consultation appointments and if you have acceptable test results, then you will be accepted into the donor program
    • You can start collecting samples
    • You will undergo periodic blood and urine testing and physical
    • You will be compensated for your time