Become a Donor

Initial Testing Appointments and Program Details

We schedule all potential donors Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00am – 2:30pm.  There are absolutely no walk-ins permitted.  A valid photo ID is required at each visit.  At the first visit, you will complete a brief health history, similar to what you may have completed if you’ve ever donated blood, and collect a semen sample.  At the second visit, you will only collect a semen sample.  You will receive no compensation for these samples since they are for test freezing and thawing only. Once you have completed the two initial appointments, it will be determined if your samples meet our freeze/ thaw criteria for being accepted into the program.  If they do, you will be asked to complete a donor history form.  This is an extensive family health history, with information required from both sides of your family, going back to your grandparents. This will be reviewed and if acceptable, you will proceed.

New Donor Consultation

This process continues ONLY if initially accepted into the program. The next step is the new donor consultation and consists of a series of appointments at which the potential donor will complete 3 things.


  1. Genetic phone interview:

    Donor History must be filled out prior to interview.This is a phone call with our genetic counselor, asking for any additional information or clarification of the information provided on the donor history form. If your genetic history is okayed, you will proceed on to the screening bloodwork and urinalysis.

  2. Blood draw for viral and genetic testing:

    drawn at the lab. We will screen for both infectious and genetic diseases.  All results must be negative for you to participate in the donor program.  You must understand that upon acceptance into the program, you will be required to do monthly blood draws.  There is no compensation for blood draws, as they are a requirement of the program

  3. Physical:

    You will also have a physical done by our physician.  This is performed at no cost to you.

If unacceptable results are received at any time during this screening and testing phase, you will be rejected as a potential donor and compensation will end.  However, if all results are acceptable, you will be brought into the program as an active donor.

Upon successfully completing all scheduled appointments, monetary compensation for time will be provided. If acceptable results are not received at any time during this phase, the bank can and will, reject potential donors. Once rejected, potential donor participation in the donor program for time compensation ceases and the process ends immediately.

Final Acceptance

When all new donor consultation appointments are completed and acceptable results have been received, a potential donor is fully accepted as an active donor into the program. Donors may start collecting semen samples for donation and compensation for time.


After fully accepted, donors follow scheduling procedures for their particular location.
• Pittsburgh donors must schedule a time for each collection.
• Columbus donors do not need to schedule an appointment. They can come in any time during business hours, however all samples must be collected before 3 pm to allow time for processing.


While collecting, a part of the requirements for being a donor is to have monthly blood draws, quarterly urine analyses, and physicals every 6 months. The cost of these is covered by the lab and the physical must be done by one of our approved physicians. During the course of your time in the program, we ask that donors update us on any changes in lifestyle, personal, or family health.